Sunday, April 12, 2009

Is it delicious?

Yes, it is really delicious!

This picture was yesterday’s board of part time job. I work for waitress in the restaurant. The chief is nice and care about balance of nutrition so every meal is great!

It was a bowl of rice topped with sashimi (sliced some kinds of raw fish), thin wheat noodles, a mixture of vegetable bits and shrimp fried in batter and chicken and konnyaku (a gelatinous food made from devil’s-tongue starch) boiled and seasoned.

Four month have passed since I started this job and recently I become used to work. Sometimes employee praised me so I feel happy. That’s exactly my motivation rise when they approve of my work :)

I want to absorb everything I can learn this part time job and of course classes in university. Class starts from now on!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Cherry blossoms are very beautiful, I went to see cherry blossoms sometimes. Hay fever is a problem for me but spring is nice:) 

I’m a sophomore from this April. There are a lot of things that I want to do or challenge especially recently. Study English every day (for instance prepare for TOEIC). I want to work well at part time job. I want to take classes I’m really interested in. German, Spanish, Korean and Chinese are also language I want to speak. Keep my room clean, cook better dishes… Of course I want to travel or stay in abroad.

Whatever happens, I wish I were enjoying my life. I believe everything I experienced become my power.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Picture is wonderful :)

My friends and I were on this picture. I took it when we went to Auckland museum. We traveled together in New Zealand in a week. During travel, of course I took so many pictures but I don’t know how I show you my pictures because I’m not good at user of computer and digital camera. But from today it has changed!

Today was start of New Year in our university. After a long time I met a lot of friends (include them). They became all more fascinated girls! Some teachers explained to take courses. After finished, they visited my apartment to change each of our own pictures. I think you know I had to clean my room at yesterday’s night...

They understand use computer so I relied everything about that! In the end I could get her pictures and they also could my pictures. Thank you very much :) They are reliable friends!

Seeing pictures I gave myself up to memories of our travel days. I felt keenly how happy I got this special experience.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plum Pickles

Bing bong.

Suddenly the doorbell rang so I stand up and walked up to the door.

It was the owner of my apartment. She had a paper bag. She said’’ Good evening. I want you to give this plum pickle of my thanks. It tastes good so I liked it.’’ I felt her kindness so I was happy.

Several days ago I gave her rice cracker. (Grilled after being seasoned with soy sauce) My mother sent it to me to give her because I could live peacefully my freshman life. Last March I started live alone in this apartment. One year has passed.

Opened the box, there were so many plum pickles! Maybe I can’t eat all of them so I want to share it with my neighborhood friends :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fresh trial

Several days before, I bought three books. These are primers about Chinese, Korean and German. I hit upon a good idea; start the study of these languages. I have studied English and Spanish in university so this trial is fresh for me :)

Why I thought of this idea? That’s why my spring vacation experience; I went to New Zealand, joined eco volunteer and met nice volunteer members. They are from England, Hong Kong, German and Korea. During volunteer, we lived together and taught our own language each other! I tried to memorize easy phrase for example Good morning or what is this? and so on. It was really exciting because I could learn new languages from native speakers :) These pronunciations sound rhythmic sense I felt so I liked it!

If I can speak German when travel around Europe? If I can speak Korean and Chinese when I talk to friends from Korea and China? This image serves as a stimulus for my study.