Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hi everyone! How are you doing? Peter is fine.

This weekend, November 22 to 24, I went to Shibuya everyday! That’s why for my new part time job and a moot United Nation.

My job is serve dishes and drinks, clean tables and accept orders by customers and so on. It was hard for me but I enjoyed this work especially I love clean dishes and wine glasses, if I do this I feel refreshing. :)

There are two types of restaurants in there; one is a hull-course meal and other is a kind of bar. Many workers can work so smooth so I want to work efficiently as soon as possible.

This board was really delicious! I worked long time so was tired, but I ate meals and recovered my spirits. :)

November 24 I went to the United Nations University. In fact this university is in front of Aoyama Gakuin University so I have seen it several times so far and I wanted to enter in it. One of my little dreams came true!

I took part in a moot United Nation and this topic is humanitarian intervention by United Nation. Three professors told their ideas of this topic it was so interesting and complicate. Is it OK to do humanitarian intervention? Why the UN does it for other country; not related to own country? What borders of it decide success or failure and who decide it? I thought about it for the first time.

This experience made me realize keenly how important acquire and broaden knowledge once more. If I always think or study about some topic I can tell my idea or opinion. If I don’t do this I have no idea so I can’t discuss with others. I need to study more and more:)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


From November 1 to 3 I was spending busy but exciting time because Aoyama festival was holding these three days.

Our club set up a refreshment stand we sold frankfurter and potato rice cake; it is in chesses and really delicious :) Many people bought those so we became happy.

I’m member of Aoyama English Institute (AEI). Our club main activity is participating in discussion. We talk to other university students in English at these discussions. It is really exciting! I love talking with unknown people and become friends. I took part in only twice so I’m going to participate more and more :)

Recently my friend and I are planning to change AEI more active club so I’m nervous a little. But I try my best.