Friday, September 26, 2008


Last week, I had been sick. I felt badly so I checked my temperature…I run a high fever…it was 39 degrees!! It was shocked and confused for me :( I called my mother because I didn’t understand what I should do and wanted some advices. After that, I asked my friend who live same apartment to bring drink and banana. Thanks a lot!

But I didn’t recover soon so I went to hospital. The doctor told that I was gastroenteritis (Of course I consult this word a dictionary.); it was really surprising because I thought I only had a fever. Unfortunately I became suffered from diarrhea…I thought good health is really important again and again!

I gave up participating in lodge together for my club and meeting AGU at September 22. I wanted to meet everyone, I felt sad :( I’m looking forward to meet next time!

Monday, September 15, 2008

This is Peter! :-)

This is peter! She is really cute rabbit. Her breed is Dwarf rabbit. My family has her from this spring. Do you like her? Do you have a pets?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I love ''Peter''

Hi, everyone!

I came back Kanagawa yesterday by night bus. During stay my hometown, I was spending a full time. Meeting my friends, having a wisdom tooth (It was fatigued for me…), eating udon ; thick white noodles many times(It is famous noodles in Kagawa, it tastes really good!), and so on. I did a lot of things :-)

Especially I enjoyed spending time with ‘’Peter’’. My family has a rabbit; her name is Peter because we like Peter Rabbit. She is so cute! I stroke her head again and again and watch her long time. I felt happy:-D I want to show her picture but I can’t because I don’t understand buddle share and other ways yet, sorry :-( I have to do it quickly.

By the way, I think university’s summer vacation is really long so I want to experience many things more and more!