Friday, October 17, 2008


October 11 morning my mother and sister came to my apartment. When they entered to my room I was still sleeping because I cleaned my room carefully and cooked Chinese soup with egg the last night. Recently I enjoy cooking so I wanted to eat them my dish.
In the soup there were much long green onion; my sister hates but she ate! Thanks :)

After that we went to art museum of Ryogoku in Tokyo. There is held Ukiyoe prints; woodblock prints of Boston. There are so many works for example works of Hokusai Katsusika and Hirosige Utagawa. They are really famous artists so their names and works have in both textbooks of history my sister and me! It was so excited for us :)

The next day, October 12 was my sister birthday. Happy birthday Saya! She became 14 years old. So I gave presents; a necklace of strawberry and a hairpin of small pink ribbon. She seemed like them.

The day also was Sagamihara festival; this is Aoyama Gakuinn festival (This picture is the festival.). So we went to school. First we listened to Ayumi’s club live concert; they were really good at singing! It was impressed for me. My sister belongs to a chorus club so I thought it was nice experience to her.

I met some of AGU members in this festival. Masahiro was selling cotton candy. Risa and Kyoko were selling Tidimi; Korean food and Nozomu helped them. Emily was selling fried noodles. Sae and Kei were selling waffles. Sachi was selling general merchandise of Thai. As a result, I bought all of them! But my mother and sister and I enjoyed this festival.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are fine :)

Recently I cook sometimes because I love and enjoy eating and autumn is appetite season. I cooked miso soup (This taste was weak.), boiled spinach seasoned with soy sauce (Its color turned bad.) and fried rice with various ingredients, I upgrade the picture (This taste was so-so.). I’m not good at cooking but I want to cook delicious meal so I keep trying. Do you like cooking? What’s your favorite food?

Today I went to shopping at Shimokitazawa near the Shinjuku with my friend. This is first time to visit this place for us. There are many nice and interesting small cloth shops. Some shops are unique; others are very cute and so on. I bought a kind of dressing gown. It is so cute I think! I always try to buy Cheap and Cute clothes, this double C is really important for me. In fact this gown was a bit expensive but I bought; it’s against my policy! Ha ha ha...

We bought many clothes and enjoyed shopping. After that we ate dinner at Machida west of Tokyo. It had a good time!