Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I will come true

I have a lot of dream in my life. I'm going to spend many years in other country. During whole life, I will visit and stay more than 100 countries (for instance, in this summer vacation I have a plan to trip to China and France) and meet so many precious friends and get wonderful relationships. My future job is work at international organization; JICA or something like that and I can go to foreign countries through the job.

Next year I wake up with smell of coffee beans and the room is really chic and the carpet is purple red. I open the window and see the scenery of downtown; there are a lot of historical buildings made by brick or stone and at the same time the town is surrounded by beautiful green trees and forests. You can hear bird’s singing voice. Breakfast is milk tea and delicious muffin. After brush my teeth, I prepare my bag to attend the classes and go to university by red stylish bus. In the bus, my friends notice me and say ‘’Good morning Sanae, today starts. Let’s go to school together!’’

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