Friday, May 7, 2010

Do you know Ukraine?

Do you have some image or some words related to Ukraine? I guess you wonder why I talk about this country suddenly. The reason is so clearly. I had stayed there for seven weeks by alone! During this spring vacation, from February 3th to March 24th, I wasn’t in Japan; it was so exciting experience for me because I love staying foreign countries :)

Why I went to Ukraine? Because I joined a project to introduce my country’s culture, it was created by AIESEC; international university students organization. The students always make effort to invite a lot of participants from other countries or send them to other places and my university also has AIESEC and they helped me to join it. There are so many kinds of projects, internship in some company, survey of nature or animals, education in school and so on. My project member was one Chinese girl and me; she always helped me and spent much time together.

The picture I wore Yukata was one of lesson we taught children in orphans. I wrote ‘’lecture’’ but actually it was a kind of activity to show Japanese and Chinese typical culture. Not only orphans but also middle school we went to. Sometimes we sang easy song in Chinese and Japanese, show traditional clothes, toys, music videos, photos of traditional garden, festival, famous places, foods and so on, wore them Yukata, introduce our languages.

We didn’t explain our culture, just show some material but I think it’s enough for students because I don’t know they’re interested in Asia and want to stimulate them it at some extent. I hope they enjoyed our activity and if they hear China or Japan after it, they say’’ I know these counties; two Asian girls came our school and showed us curious goods!’’ I will be so happy and impressed if this situation happens in the future. It’s one of strong desire maybe.

I have a lot of experience in Ukraine so I will try to keep posting this blog and think about it deeply to write the memory.

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